Casa de la Naranja is a company that produces and directly markets high-quality oranges and mandarins of its own production. Our oranges and mandarins come from La Valldigna, (La Safor, Valencia). These lands have been linked to agriculture since ancient times and, specifically, the cultivation of oranges has been present since the 19th century.

Our company is made up of young people whose life has always been professionally linked to agriculture. We have inherited the land, the ways of cultivation, irrigation ... from our ancestors and we have improved them by adapting to new cultivation techniques that are more beneficial for the environment.

This popular wisdom helps us to achieve a quality product that contributes to maintaining the work of the fields in a dignified way that respects the rhythms of the land.

We want to reach the consumer directly without going through intermediaries. In this way, we get a higher quality product to reach the customer in addition to being able to establish good final prices. We try that our products have an ecological, social and economic balance.

For this reason, our oranges and mandarins are served freshly picked. Without phytosanitary treatments or pesticides. In 24 / 48h they will arrive from the garden to your house.

In addition, at Casa de la Naranja we have: artisan honey, homemade jam, conventional and organic cold-pressed olive oil.